Our 5" solar panel goes to... Disneyland?


Folks, we know just how much people love a device that not only helps in a crisis, but comes in handy every day.

So when Cassie from Placerville, Calif. shared her experience with her Patriot Power Cell with us, we just knew had to pass it along.

At first, Cassie got her Patriot Power Cell to be ready for a blackout. You see, rolling blackouts are expected to be ongoing throughout the summer to prevent more wildfires in California.

But she soon discovered how valuable it could be when she decided to take it for a test run at Disneyland — and it worked all day!

She even took her power cell along with her on Splash Mountain!

“You can create an initial charge using electricity from your house or even your car. You can also recharge the device using the power of the sun which is pretty dang cool.

“It would be helpful in many situations not just in survival situations. I did enjoy that it charges by the sun and it’s durable and waterproof. There were a few times it got dropped and I wasn’t terribly concerned that it was going to break.

“Yes, I would definitely recommend this. It’s great for families that are going to go on a trip to a theme park or just a trip.” – Cassie

So if you’re going anywhere this summer – whether it be Splash Mountain like Cassie, or you simply want to be prepared for whatever crisis arises – this weird tiny device can really come in handy.

Take a look at what all our Patriot Power Cell can do right here:

>> Splash-proof 5” Solar Panel

To your survival,

Frank Bates

*For her time and honest feedback, Cassie was compensated for filming this video.

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