Nuclear War Would Devastate World’s Food Supply

Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again sent a warning to Western countries. Including America. Two weeks ago, he reiterated that they risk a nuclear attack. That’s if they send troops to fight against Russia in Ukraine.

A nuclear war would cause extreme devastation. Even bluffing about the use of such weapons shows how reckless he has become.   

A war in which nuclear weapons were used would have unimaginable consequences. Many of which would last for decades.

Among those effects would be the depletion of agricultural products. Which are needed to feed people and animals around the globe. Mass starvation could be the result.

Famines and Unrest Would Kill Millions

It’s not a pleasant subject. But the poisoning of the world’s food supply should a nuclear war break out needs to be addressed. And we need to know how to protect ourselves.

The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War published a report. It’s titled “Nuclear Famine.” The group says even a “limited” or “regional” nuclear war would have disastrous effects.

The collapse of crop production would derail the world’s food supply chains. The climate would be altered due to the sun being blocked out. And public disorder would be rampant.

Famines and unrest would kill millions, if not billions, of people. The alarming report claims this about a full-scale nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia. It would kill an estimated 5 billion people worldwide within two years.

And a nuclear war between Pakistan and India could kill up to every third person on earth. Global temperatures would drop.

Food Production Would Suffer

Here are some of the disturbing food statistics uncovered in this alarming report:

  • Corn production in the U.S. would decline by an average of 10% for an entire decade.
  • Soybean production would decline by about 7%.
  • Rice production in China would decline by about 21% over the next six years.
  • Chinese winter wheat production would fall 50% in the first year.
  • Increases in food prices would make food inaccessible for hundreds of millions.
  • Panic would lead to food hoarding, making food even less accessible.
  • The number of people already malnourished (estimated at 925 million) would grow.

Russia’s Nuclear Forces in “Full Readiness”

Putin made his latest inflammatory comments in a speech to Russia’s lawmakers. He knew those remarks would find their way to the Western nations he was targeting.

He referenced comments by French President Emmanuel Macron about sending troops to Ukraine. Putin stated the West was intent on weakening Russia. And that they did not understand how dangerous their meddling could be.

“(Western nations) must realize that we also have weapons that can hit targets on their territory,” Putin said. “All this really threatens a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons and the destruction of civilization. Don’t they get that?

“Strategic nuclear forces are in a state of full readiness,” he added. He suggested Western politicians recall the fate of those who invaded Russia in the past. Including Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Russia Responds to Accusations

Putin said the difference now is that “consequences will be far more tragic.” He accused Western politicians of forgetting what real war means. Due to not facing the same security challenges Russia has faced over the past few decades.

The U.S. and other nations have accused Russia of planning to place nuclear weapons in space. As well as planning to invade more European countries.

Putin called them “unsubstantiated accusations” and “innuendo.” He said they are designed to draw Russia into negotiations on the West’s terms.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to expand its war effort in Ukraine. And it is adding to troops deployed along its western borders. That’s following decisions made by Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

Food Reserves Would Dwindle

Let’s return to our discussion about nuclear war’s effects on food. The National Library of Medicine weighed in.

They say millions of people would starve to death in the first few years following a nuclear war.

World food reserves are already low. They would be depleted even more. Even if somehow they survived damage and contamination.

And there’s no guarantee that food deemed safe would be able to find its way from harvest to consumers. Too many transportation centers would be damaged or destroyed in a nuclear war.

Preparedness Is the Key

A nuclear conflict would damage the food supply. And the food supply chain. Regardless of where it might occur.

There is nothing we can do to stop a maniac from starting a nuclear war. Other than praying it never happens and preparing in case it does.

The stockpiling of shelf-stable food and drinking water is the best place to start. Securing food that will be safe and nutritious for years to come is a great strategy.

Even if nuclear war never happens, other emergencies make preparedness a smart decision. Don’t wait to make the right call for you and your family.


  • david W visone - March 12, 2024

    yes ,thats a very chilling message that you wrote with 100 percent accuracy,and i watched the movies,THREADS, TESTAMENT,AND THE DAY AFTER ,and was in school during the cuban missle crisis, at least back then we had fallout shelters .rember the last scene of planet of the apes!

  • Tim Miller - March 12, 2024

    All Putin wants is NATO off his boarder and the NAZI’S out of Ukraine. If nuclear war will be the US,UKand EU’S FAULT for funding the war!

  • Deanne - March 12, 2024

    Honestly , I am an older person mid 60s , and the thought of this just makes me think, I hope I get taken out right away and quickly , it is frightening to me what the world would look like if this happens and I don’t think I would survive it very long . I am preparing and will continue to do so but the potential social chaos?

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