Keep Your Body Fueled in a Crisis

Think about something you do on an occasional basis that is stressful for you. Perhaps it’s public speaking. Maybe it’s driving at night or in the rain. Or perhaps it’s something physical like helping someone move from one home to another.

Now think about how much more stressful that situation would be if you were feeling overly tired or even ill. You just went from stressed out to very stressed out. 

It’s challenging enough to do things we enjoy when we’re fatigued or under the weather. But it’s much worse when we feel lousy while doing things that cause us stress.

Someday we’ll all be hit with a crisis. We know because we’ve been hit with them before. It’s just a matter of time before it happens again. Being in the best possible physical condition when the next emergency comes along will be a big help in handling it. 

Today I want to talk about a great way to keep our bodies properly fueled so we can give ourselves the best possible chance to handle the next inevitable crisis in our lives.   

Protein & nutrients are key 

The number one way to keep your body fueled in a crisis is to have plenty of protein-rich and nutrient-dense survival food stockpiled. 

Let me rattle off a few of them as examples: meat and fish, cheese and eggs, nuts and seeds, and beans and bread.

Meat, eggs and dairy contain all eight of the essential amino acids your body needs. They are the building blocks of protein, and your body cannot produce them on its own. They have to come through food.

Why is protein important during a crisis? Well, it’s always important, but when you’re stressed out, your body loses some of the energy it needs to handle a difficult event in your life. 

More food for thought

Here are some other foods that will provide some much-needed calories:

Grains – Wheat, spelt, rye, barley and corn can be soaked, cooked and eaten without grinding into flour. Some can be sprouted to increase nutrition. With a grain mill, you can use them to make bread and tortillas. 

Beans – High in nutrients, they provide plenty of protein. This is especially important if you’re not eating as much meat as you normally do. Beans and legumes also contain complex carbohydrates and fiber.

Freeze-dried & dehydrated vegetables – There is a huge variety of vegetables you can acquire that have been freeze-dried or dehydrated. They last a very long time and the taste will be just about as good as fresh.

Pasta – This has a great shelf life and is found in a wide variety. From spaghetti noodles and fettuccine, to mac & cheese and ribbon pasta for lasagna, to bow tie and stuffed pasta shells, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Peanut butter – It’s tough to beat something that tastes great on its own and tastes even better when it’s spread on something like healthy crackers or bread. That’s what you get with peanut butter, which is also high in protein.

Lumberjack Survival Food Kit 

4Patriots offers a variety of survival food kits, but my personal favorite for fueling your body – and the favorite of many customers – is our Lumberjack Survival Food Kit. 

Every kit is loaded with our best-selling and most requested entrees. And it’s specially designed for folks who have a lumberjack-sized appetite.

It features some of our most delicious foods. Including Cowboy Rice & Beans and Nonna’s Best Lasagna-Style Marinara. Plus Hearty Stroganoff and America’s Finest Mac & Cheese. Just to name a few.   

Knowing you have 80 servings of great food designed to last 25 years will give you peace of mind. It all comes in disaster-resistant packaging.

And if you stock up, you also get four free gifts including 34 servings of our Freeze-Dried Chicken. Toss in our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee and you can’t lose.

Here’s how to get yours…

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