Is a Rolling Blackout 'Pandemic' on the Way for Us?

There's a pandemic on the horizon. And this one could become more deadly than the Covid-19 pandemic.

No, I'm not referring to another virus. Although that is certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

I'm talking about what some are calling the "power blackout pandemic." Right now, the spotlight for this "pandemic" is on South Africa. CNN recently captured the country's dire situation with this headline:

Dead chickens and decomposing bodies: Inside South Africa's power blackout "pandemic"

South Africa's rolling blackouts ‚Äď instituted by the government in an effort to keep the electrical grid from failing ‚Äď have resulted in a wide variety of deadly misfortunes.¬†

Including rotting food, water shortages, and bankrupt businesses. Plus decomposing bodies, car crashes, and rampaging criminals.

Our Grids Are Vulnerable

Now, if your first thought while reading this is, "Hey, South Africa is 9,000 miles away. I'm not too worried," you might want to think twice about that.

This is not some distant concern for us. We've already experienced plenty of rolling blackouts in different areas of the country in recent years.

With the way things have been going, this situation might not be too long away from occurring right here in America.

For some time now, our three electrical grids have proven to be extremely vulnerable to a wide variety of problems. Including extreme weather, traffic accidents, and animals. And lately, to an increasing number of attacks by domestic terrorists, which are basically impossible to stop.

Funeral Parlors Are Overflowing

Let's turn our attention back to South Africa for a moment. I want to make sure you understand how bad this situation is before I suggest a way to protect yourself and your family from the consequences of this pandemic reaching our shores. 

Do you know who some of the busiest people are in South Africa these days? It's funeral parlor workers. The South African Funeral Practitioners are warning that bodies in mortuaries are rapidly decomposing due to the frequent electricity outages.

South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to avoid declaring a national disaster. He knows what happened to his country's economy when he did that in 2020 due to the coronavirus.

But daily rolling blackouts are taking their toll on nearly every aspect of life in this country of 60 million people. The state-owned energy utility Eskom is conducting the blackouts to try to avoid the grid's total collapse.

Blackouts Take Their Toll

These increasingly frequent blackouts are not merely inconveniences. For many people, access to electrical power is the only way to earn money. And acquire food and water. And, quite frankly, to stay alive. 

In 2022, South Africans were forced to deal with more than twice as many power blackouts as in any previous year. The prognosis? They say 2023 will be worse. 

It's reached the point where citizens need to plan their days around scheduled blackouts, also known as loadshedding. This includes work involving Internet connection, meal planning, and travel times. 

Small businesses without backup power are laying off employees or going out of business. Pump stations are unable to provide water.

Farmers Feeling the Crunch

Farmers who provide food for the masses are feeling the crunch. They've become dependent upon electrical power for their operations. Including crop irrigation, storage, and processing.

Some are discarding thousands of dollars' worth of seed potatoes because they can't keep them cold enough.

Chickens are dying when ventilation systems stop working due to outages. Livestock are dying before they arrive at the slaughterhouse due to lack of food and water.

All these problems and others result in food shortages and soaring food prices for people whose household budgets are already stretched thin.      

Criminals Becoming Emboldened

As if all that weren't enough, crime is running rampant as criminals take advantage of the situation. Power outages mean security systems go down, emboldening thieves. 

Police can't arrive at crime scenes quickly due to congestion when traffic lights stop working. Committing crimes at night becomes easier with street lights dark.

And then there's the danger of increasing civil unrest as people become angrier about the blackouts and the negative effects on their lives.

So far, the government's attempts to alleviate the problem have fallen flat. Two large coal power stations have been built, but neither works properly. Many skilled engineers are leaving the country.

Protect Yourself With the Patriot Power Generator 2000X

Rolling blackouts are likely to increase here in America. Both in number and length of time they last. Is it only a matter of time before we experience the same thing South Africa is experiencing now?

If so, there's one thing I can guarantee you. We won't be able to depend on the government to protect us. In fact, the government will be ordering the blackouts.

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  • Lawrence McMillan - March 05, 2023

    We just had to buy a new side by side yesterday. I plan on buying the new generator a little later on,also a few other products. I am a disabled Viet Bam vet, we are both on social security so we can’t buy a great deal at one time. We have the 1800 & the side kick, just them both earlier this week cut jeep hitting power pole. It took the best part of the day for workers to get back on. The had to replace pole get wires off ground. I ran out of oxygen ,used 1800 concentrator to fill up one bottle then battery ran out. I am so glad we had them, sick kick ran my CPAP.
  • Wally Gressick - February 28, 2023

    Good morning!! I purchased the ‚Äú1800‚ÄĚ last fall. If only I knew‚Ķ The new unit sounds great!! I just cant squeeze any more out of my fixed income budget. Have a great day!!

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