I’ve Got Good News and… More Good News

Four weeks ago, I sent you an email focusing on good news. As well as suggestions regarding how to get involved with Giving Tuesday.

Response from readers was positive. One wrote, “Thank you for taking the time from your normal endeavors to recognize the importance of thoughtful charity. Please continue to present to your customers your compassion for those in need of care and prayer.”

So, that’s what I’m doing again today. And please stay with me here. At the end I’m going to turn the tables. My emails almost always include suggestions about preparedness.

Today I’d love to hear some preparedness advice from you. I’m guessing you have elements in your preparedness plan I haven’t thought about. I’d love to learn from you. And I’m sure other readers would as well. 

Texas ‘Knit Wits’ Unite

On more than one occasion, I’ve been called a nitwit. Usually by my wife or a friend in a joking way. And sometimes by someone who really means it. That’s OK. I’m sure I am a nitwit sometimes. But next time it happens, I’ll smile because it will remind me of some very kind grandmothers.

How’s that? Well, there’s a group of grandmas in Texas who call themselves the Knit Wits. I think you see where this is going.

These ladies dedicate themselves to knitting homemade hats and toys for children in hospitals and war zones. They’ve been doing it for more than 20 years.

Some don’t get around as well as they used to. But that’s not a big problem here because they all reside in a senior living community in Dallas, Texas.

‘A Colorful Symbol of Hope & Joy’

They have brought warmth and joy to children in the Lone Star State and overseas through their crafting and distribution of hand-knit items.

They gather every Friday, sitting at a long table with their yarn, knitting needles, and smiles. Not long ago, they knit and sent dolls to Ukraine orphans. Their latest effort is creating homemade caps for babies facing heart problems.

For this project, they are collaborating with Children’s Health in Dallas. The daughter of one of the Knit Wits is a cardiologist at the hospital. So far, they’ve sent dozens of hand-crafted beanies for the infants.

Betsy Beall is the hospital’s child life specialist. She said the holiday-themed hats and toys “have become a colorful symbol of hope and joy for the center’s littlest patients and their families.”

The executive director of the community where the ladies live is proud of their willingness to help others. “They’ve proven that a simple act of kindness can make such a difference in the lives of those facing challenging circumstances.”

Iowa Teen Gives Needy Healthier Options

Of course, elderly women are not the only ones who step up (or, in their case, sit down) to help others. A teenager in Iowa observed that food banks were serving mostly boxed and canned goods.

She thought folks needing food assistance could also use healthier options. So, on her half-acre of land, she grew some 7,000 pounds of produce and gave it away to food banks and non-profits in the Quad Cities area. The produce had a market value of approximately $15,000.

Her generosity drew the attention of Future Farmers of America. They gave her a grant for supplies and seeds. Still, her effort required two to three hours per day of pulling weeds, planting, and watering vegetables. 

Her mother was extremely proud. “She really chose to focus on learning about agronomy, gardening, and vegetables. But just really taking it to the next level and actually helping people out with it.”

Hawaiian Children Receive Unexpected Gifts

We all heard about the devastating fires last year in Hawaii. Entire communities were destroyed. Fortunately, several organizations made it a priority to help.

Walmart and the Salvation Army donated tens of thousands of toys, gifts, and gift cards to Hawaiian children.   

The organizations also held a holiday party for two elementary schools. One of which was engulfed by the flames.

A Walmart spokesperson said, “One of the most heartwarming moments of the day was when large gift bags filled with toys were distributed to each child present at the event. It was a complete surprise to the children.” 

First Responders & Vets Remembered 

Just a few weeks ago, Fox News partnered with the First Responders Children’s Foundation to collect gifts for our national heroes’ kids.

Those heroes include New York City firefighters and other first responders. While we relax with our families on holidays, they are often out on the streets protecting us. 

Fox News also donated more than $500,000 to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation on Veterans Day. The organization constructs homes and apartments for homeless veterans. 

In addition to those dwellings, the foundation operates the Let Us Do Good Village on 100 acres in Florida. It was designed for veterans, first responders, and their families. 

It’s Your Turn

Food, shelter, comfort… they’re all connected in one way or another with preparedness.

As mentioned earlier, I have a request for you. I’d appreciate it if you’d tell me and our readers about your preparedness plans for the new year.

What are we missing? Let me know and give me your best advice in the comments section here.

I’d love to hear from you.


  • Sharan Whitt - December 26, 2023

    I felt a need to respond as all of the charitable programs listed sound wonderful. The “Knit-Wits” caught my attention first because my last name is Whitt. We had three kids and when they were younger, I referred to them fondly as “Dim”, “Nit”, and “Half”. (Not sure who was who.)

    I lost my husband a few months ago to pancreatic cancer. Up until diagnosis at a VA hospital in CA, he was working and playing golf, even at 75. He was never ready to retire. We made our way to a VA hospital in FL where one of our daughters (an RN) lives. He passed 2 months later. I am now in KY where all our storage is, from 55 years of marriage.

    I began listening to your ads and have made several purchases. I am without my soulmate who was my protector. So now, I have invested in food along with protection against power outages. As far as a plan is concerned, I’m sure at the appropriate time, my common sense will kick in. I’m not sure what else I can do without investing more money into the system. Thanks for your consideration.

  • J Ellis - December 26, 2023

    I have read some of the posts. I’m glad to see so many helping others. It really is awesome.

    Should we need to dip into our supplies, we are going to need something for our pets as well. In a pinch, dogs can eat cat food but cats can’t eat dog food. Dog food is missing one key ingredient, taurine. If on cat food for long your dog will gain weight. Cat food has more fat in it. Also with dog food, cats will have a hard time eating because of the size of the kibble. Plus raw meat that is freeze dried would be great for both but keep taurine in mind. Other than that bit of information I would really have to do some research. I’m not familiar with dogs dietary needs.

    Next, I saw a few touch on the subject of children. If we are looking to the future, there will always be babies, and babies grow. There should definitely be powder formula. That is something that is needed for at least two years per child. Figure out how many bottles are needed per day and ere on the side of caution, and round up. I’m thinking it would be good in your #10 can. But please 🥺 make sure it’s affordable. Baby formula is an arm and a leg as it is. Toddlers however can eat regular food if it’s prepared correctly. Consider a recipe book with 4 parts, toddlers, children, adults and the elderly. It should have an additional area for vegetarian dishes since obtaining meat can be tough on some budgets.

    You have quite a lot supplies offered. But I haven’t seen anything about medication. Where would someone find blood pressure medicine or antibiotics? There should also be something addressing diabetes. If someone was injured, how would they get stitches?

    A non breakable magnifier would be great for reading instructions.

    I saw someone make ice once. They needed two bowls. The smaller of the two should be metal. I think water goes in both bowls with the metal bowl sitting inside the larger bowl. At this point there are chemicals needed in the larger bowl. I don’t know which ones. If someone could get that info to me I would very much appreciate it.

    I hope this was what you were looking for when you wanted the posts. You should partner with another business (no mergers or sales). Find a company that could supply items not in your wheelhouse and have a link to their website on your page. And have a link on their website to 4Patriots. Maybe a company that specializes in building discreet homes. They would be able to design an area for our supplies that doesn’t draw attention to it.

    Be safe everyone 🙏 I pray that everyone will have a wonderful Christmas ⛄ and a very safe New Year 🎊 See you on the flip side.

    J Ellis

  • Jack Lowe - December 21, 2023

    I really like what 4Patriots is doing to help people. I have bought the 3 month supply of food that lasts up to 25yrs. They have replaced a broken tote for me then I ordered the 4 camp stoves and get 4 more for free with a electronic fire starter and a power cell CX, the camp stoves showed up a day early. They got that shipment to me very fast, I am very happy with 4Patriots.

  • Betty Brown - December 21, 2023

    I’m not able to get out much but everyone that comes to my door gets a bag of prepper food. I keep a lot in stock just for them.
    I have been fighting cancer for the last 18 years and it limits what I can do. Most people are surprised about your company so I spread the word. Hopefully it will encourage them to order.
    God bless you and your company.

    Betty Brown.

  • Andra vance - December 21, 2023

    A suggestion: A Bug Out Bag Kit with all the necessary basics and a list of additional suggested items. I had mine in a rolling duffel bag. I used a 36 inch bag so I had additional room for extra items as I thought of them.

    Last year I purchased 30 inch bags and included a lot of basic items and gave them as gifts. Since then my friends have encouraged others to create bug out bags and several of the teenagers are building them by purchasing one item monthly.

    Need more catalogs. Have distributed all that I had.

    You have a great company. My husband was a Marine for 23 years and I appreciated your special on Veterans Day.

    Thank you

  • Angela - December 21, 2023

    My husband and I have bought so much survival food, cook stoves, survival meats, two generators, solar panels, solar kettles, Halo flashlights, victory garden seeds, chargers and so on from 4PATRIOTS to make sure that not only us but our children’s families and a out of state elderly family friend are all prepared for anything that should happen. I also crochet blankets and sew quilts for all our family to keep them all warm.

  • CKA - December 21, 2023

    Survival is mindset, knowledge and skills applied to available resources. Take the time to learn and practice skills, even the ones you think you know. Learn new knots, practice various ways to start and build fires, teach your kids basic skills like macrame to learn knots and make useful items and to be able to use chopsticks as they are easier to make from available materials in the field. When I taught survival in the military it was disheartening to see how many students couldn’t even tie a knot much less build a fire. The basics are important. Become proficient enough at them to be able to teach others and share the skills.

  • clifford salsbury - December 21, 2023

    having served in the USMC one the thing i knoticed was that almost all "experts " miss one of the most improtant things in survival training . that is sanity. no one tells anyone you will have to go #1 or #2 at sometime. my suggestion is a 3gallon bucket and a portable seat,plus the tissue , at a bare minimum.

  • Susan Tucker - December 21, 2023

    As a disabled senior that lives in a small place here’s my experience and suggestions for those in the same boat.

    If you are disabled and can’t carry around a bunch of supplies, especially if you have to bug out I suggest getting a bunch of thin lightweight bags that you can just throw over your shoulder or hang on a wheelchair or walker and that way you can divide up your supplies that you were storing and a big tote for convenience. The store all these bags already set up Can be a problem plus the food comes with these lovely totes. So on top of my totes I’ve got all these lightweight, so it doesn’t add up on the weight if you do try to carry them. A dolly can be your best friend, because she can put these totes onto them, whether they’re being stored on the dollies or not, and you can take like in my case a dog leash wrapped around the handle and I’ve hooked it around my waist that way I could pull it where it was too hard to carry or push with my hands. You can also conceivably hook a piece of rope or a leash like I have around the handle of your dolly and hook it to the head rest of your chair, you just have to be careful but it is doable. I’ve done both of these methods and practice on non-prepping situations like shopping and doing laundry and you have to take your chair, electric.

    Now storing your prepping supplies when you have a small apartment like my 400 ft.² apartment. It gets very hard to figure or think about how to store your supplies. I have two recliners I store my our bank and panel behind one and half reclined totally and pulled it out from the wall enough to where it wouldn’t hit the panel. My other reclining chair I did the same with my four week supply of food and some other prepping supplies. Make sure with your chair fully clean basket there is just enough room to clear your supply stack there. Or you always can put your pad on risers, you can get at your local hardware store, and you can put different size boxes and if you can reset enough the totes that come with your food. Also you can look into putting things underneath your furniture unlike my case I use containers that I can push back, that are small one

    This is getting to be very long but I guess that some of you could get my drift on my ideas. If not feel free to let me know because I’ve become the queen of preparedness as a disabled senior living in a small apartment.


  • Gay Behrensmeyer - December 21, 2023

    I’ve found emergency food for dogs but not for cats. Wish someone would come up with 25 year shelf life pet food for cats. Cat owners would appreciate it.

  • Elaine Simmons - December 21, 2023

    I am So Proud of 4Patriots who help First Responders, Active Soldiers, and Needy Veterans! I am happy to be a citizen who helps support these deserving people! I lost my Father during WWII. As an elderly person, I thank you for your Support of the Men and Women who are always in harms way! THANK YOU! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Deborah K - December 21, 2023

    I love your products, however, 20% of Americans have a Gluten intolerance, including a loved one in my family. So I look for sales on those products and stock up. When you do specials on 72 hour kits and the 1 week kits I buy them, remove any Gluten containing products and set them aside for trading with those who will have something I could use and they’ll get Mac & cheese, fireside stew, or even lasagna. Because of your help, I have friends now that I’ll be able to barter with and we will help each other out when the going gets tougher.

  • H M Wilson - December 21, 2023

    PLEASE add a line to your ADDRESS information to allow for SPECIFIC APARTMENT information to be included to ASSURE DELIVERY. I have visited with your VIP order contacts and it seems your system allows only 3 lines for address info to be entered. They have to SQUEEZE REQUIRED DELIVERY apartment designation onto the street address line.
    The Warehouse shipping scan often is narrower than the crammed information on the street address line, and it leaves the Warehouse MISSING the KEY DELIVERY INFO resulting in needless returns to YOU!!! There are 3 different street addresses within this complex. Each had an H102 apartment designation after the street address!!! Consequently, DELIVERY IMPOSSIBLE!!! PLEASE adjust your system to 4 lines to accommodate APARTMENT INFORMATION. THANK YOU!!!

  • Laurie Keeter - December 21, 2023

    I feel there is a need for long shelf life baby formula and food as some mothers are unable to breast feed there babies and a longer life baby food similar to Gerber’s baby food for the young ones who are not ready for table food just a thought there is food for big people and pets but what about child grade food , milk and juice

  • Rod Brink - December 21, 2023

    I would love to get one of your genreatoers but cant aford the 1800. will the side kick help me?

  • Paul Zimmerman - December 21, 2023

    Hi everyone I hope this message finds you well. I live in an assisted living building and 2wks ago yesterday I got hit by a car while trying to cross a street in my power chair. The driver who hit me stopped and came back to see if I was ok. But there was another person who came to help me get me back on my wheels and I never got that persons name. Anyway I have my own delivery service at the place I live at and even though my power chair is damaged I still do runs to the store for the other residents of my building and it’s not how much $ I charge, it’s seeing the looks on their face when I bring them their groceries to them . It warms my heart knowing that I’ve done something nice and makes me happy 😁 that’s why I do the runs in the first place and with Christmas right around the corner I think I can and will continue to be there for the other residents no matter how bad things can get. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  • Mary Ann - December 21, 2023

    It was encouraging & heart-warming to read about all the efforts that good folks are doing to care for others. Yes Prayer & Care are both essential.

    As for being prepared – my mother and I both have limitations due to age well-being. Survival Food is too high in sodium for my mother, so I have praying that the supply of basic rice, pasta, beans, seeds, canned meats, fish, fruits, & vegetables along with our Alexa water filter ( I have some questions!!???) and a manual can opener will do for several months. We also have blessed items and we trust in God’s plan.

    In your report on good work – was the unmentioned truth that generosity begets generosity. If we give with love and sincerity, Our Lord will repay with even more generosity.

  • Deborah - December 21, 2023

    It’s wonderful hearing how so many people are helping others.
    I spend my time & effort mostly helping my family in need, I have been buying & growing food & storing food & water for the current time & future. As we do not know what or when our country will be in extremely hard times, as we look around at our country now. Times are getting harder daily with the rising cost of everything we need to live.
    Thank You for your support & the products you offer.

  • Elizabeth Fitzgerald - December 21, 2023

    My husband and I are in mid 60s and 70s. We keep our selves stocked with food. My concern is our pets. I have seen human food, but nothing freezed dried for animals. Another thing is medical supplies just incase of an emergency. I have yet to open the box our 1800 generator came in. We were supposed to get a small generator for free. If so, thank you. I trust this company.

  • Sharon Wetherbe - December 21, 2023

    Everything is great.

  • Sharon Wethwrbe - December 21, 2023

    I feel strongly about being prepared. 4Patriots have help me get there with all their products. I’m still collecting more. It’s taken time because I am on a fixed in come, so I can only collect so much at a time. What I am really looking for is a Faraday trap for thing like my electric wheelchair and my car. I have made Faraday cans frome metal feed cans where I keep all my generators in and electronics. But I did buy a EMP kit from 4Patriots for my 2000x generator and solar panels it gives me a good feeling that they are protected from solar fares, which are happening right know and Coronas on the sun that are happening right now. Almost ready for an HEMP thanks to 4Patriots. Love you all for all your info. Sharon Wetherbe.

  • Otessa R. ComptonTopal - December 21, 2023

    In preparedness folks should consider seniors living in studio apartments, in the fact we can not prepare like everyone else.

    Also shelf life products should be considered for infants, babies, and toddlers.

  • Andra Vance - December 21, 2023

    Would love to send you info but in hospital and have just learned my house was broken into and all my belongings have been stolen.

    All my emergency supplies are gone totally. No Christmas this year. So will have to start over replacing everything.

    I recently suffered two aneurysms and four strokes so not in a healthy position to deal with this situation. Now confined to a wheelchair,. I am 80 years old and all alone. Lost husband and children in an accident several years ago.

    Not complaining , just want to explain not in a mental state to help presently. Keeping all of 4 patriots in my daily prayers.
    And praying for world peace.

    Wishing all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Asking for those with GOD in their hearts to please include me in their prayers and Thank them.

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