How to Stay Calm During a Crisis

Have you ever heard someone say, “Stay calm,” when you’re anxious about something? Or perhaps you’ve said those words to a friend when they’ve been ill at ease. 

Let’s face it – it usually doesn’t do a whole lot of good. If you were able to stay calm in that situation, you wouldn’t need someone to tell you not to feel nervous about it.

It’s kind of like telling someone to have a safe flight as they leave for the airport. Unless that person is the pilot, the safety of the flight is pretty much out of their hands. 

I would much rather have someone give me practical tips for staying calm in a stressful situation than hear them say, “Stay calm.” If you’re like me, you’re in luck. Because that’s exactly what I’m going to do for you today.

Slow down and think ahead

When we start to get anxious, our bodies react in a fight or flight mode. So, the first step is to slow down. Assess the situation, gather information and breathe deeply.

Next, think beyond your current situation. Don’t react in a way you might regret later. Francis Collins is former director of the National Institutes of Health. Here’s what he says.

“As in all things, it comes down to the balance between having a reasonable concern, especially if it’s motivating to take actions that can reduce risk, versus having this take over your entire world to the point where you become paralyzed.”

Of course, this is easier said than done. Especially for people who are naturally fearful and anxious. But the more often you do it, the better you’ll become at it.

Step away and re-focus

A third way to remain calm is removing yourself from the situation. Unless you absolutely have to act immediately to deal with a crisis, take your mind off the crisis temporarily. 

Go for a walk or find some other activity that will allow you to think about something besides the problem. Try to stay positive rather than focusing on the negative. Visualize yourself in one of your favorite places. 

Alice Connors-Kellgren is a clinical psychologist at Tufts Medical Center. Here’s what she says.

“Limiting your exposure to news and information… that are likely contributing to your stress… allows your brain and body to have a break from the sympathetic nervous system response that tends to wear us down.”

Exercise, eat right, sleep well

This fourth one is something you should do now before a crisis occurs. Eat right and exercise so that your body is in good shape.

Regular exercise lowers stress hormone levels. It also improves body function and builds resilience.

Eating a balanced, nutritious diet and getting plenty of sleep improves your overall health. Including your self-control, emotional intelligence and memory. And limit your caffeine and alcohol intake.

Joshua Morganstein is the chair of the American Psychiatric Association’s Committee on Psychiatric Dimensions of Disasters. He says that proper diet, sleep and exercise all contribute to our ability to solve problems and manage emotions. 

Connect with other people

Another important way to deal with anxiety during a crisis is by reaching out to trusted friends and family members.

Staying connected to others will make you feel less alone. They may have some good advice for you as you navigate this rocky path. 

Some people like to record their thoughts and fears in a journal. Just writing down what’s happening and how you’re feeling can provide a sense of control that was previously missing. 

“Understanding and reminding ourselves that we’re all going through something together, sometimes that can help us feel less alone,” Collins said.

Can food be comforting too?

Another way to aid your ability to stay calm in a crisis is by having familiar things around you that can sustain you.

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    Thanks for sharing and caring.

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    Thank you for the good advice you often share with all of us.
    I was wondering if you have considered putting together a cooking book with recipes illustrating how to cook with the food storage products you offer. I think many clients, like myself, would find it very helpful.
    Once again, thank you for your wonderful educational materials and amazing products.

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