Can Your Patriot Power Generator Power a Fridge? (And other FAQs)

The Patriot Power Generator is by far one of our most popular survival items.

Not surprising, because we regularly sell out of 'em!

As one of our most in-demand items, this solar workhorse generates a lot of buzz. And one of the things we hear the most is, “Can it power a fridge?”

Well folks, the short answer is YES.

Listen to Police Officer Craig talk about how he uses his Patriot Power Generator to power his fridge, and his specific tips for doing so during an extended power outage here:

With proper power management, you could power your fridge or freezer INDEFINITELY. You won’t have to worry about your food reserves going bad.

How to Use Your Patriot Power Generator to Power a Fridge:

Tip 1: Connect your solar generator to the FREE solar panel that comes included with your purchase. You can set up your solar panel outside while using your solar generator inside.

It’s super easy:

  • Just unfold your solar panels… These are really light.
  • Plug one end of the cord into your solar panel.
  • Plug the other end into the Patriot Power Generator. (Don’t worry, all this comes included, so you don’t need any special parts.)
  • Then you flip the switch to turn on your generator.
  • And simply plug in your fridge.

Now – this is important. Listen for your fridge to turn on.

That’s your fridge keeping your food safe for you! That’s the compressor running. It’s cooling the air.

Ok… so after letting your fridge run for a bit, you’ll hear your compressor turn off.

When that happens, I want you to unplug your generator.

That’s because lights and fan in your fridge don’t keep your food cold. So if your compressor isn’t running, your food isn’t getting colder and you don’t need the electricity. Save it for next time or use it to power something else.

Or… what I like to do… Is to use that downtime to put the power BACK in your generator.

Just keep the panels in the sun, and plugged in to your unit. That way you have even more power available to you, to keep your perishable food safe.

[INSIDER TIP] You can “daisy chain” multiple solar panels together for super-fast charging time or for getting the most out of a cloudy day. We’ll give you one solar panel to get started!

How to Conserve Power in Your Refrigerator During an Outage:

If your fridge isn’t full, you can conserve power by keeping other things in it.

If you suspect power to your house could get cut off, like with a storm… plan ahead and add a case of water. Or even… add some Tupperware containers filled with water. It helps your fridge recover temperature after the door gets opened.

Bonus tip? When cycling your fridge, like how I just showed you…

Use a fridge that’s in a colder place, like a basement or your kitchen. This way, you don’t have to run the compressor as long, because the fridge doesn’t have to work as hard to stay cold.

If your fridge is in a naturally cold environment, you might need to use your Patriot Power Generator to do this cycle once a day.

If your fridge is in a hot room or if it’s a hot day – you might do this cycle more than that, to keep your food cold and safe.

How to Keep Your Food Safe During a Power Outage:

45 degrees Fahrenheit is the magic number when it comes to food safety.

Dip below that and you’re risking food poisoning or food spoiling.

And you’d have to throw that food away – you can’t eat rotten food.

By using your Patriot Power Generator 1800 as described above, you can ensure that your food stays below this temperature, and stays safe to eat, even in an extended power outage.

What Can I Run on My Patriot Power Generator 1800?

And it’s not just your fridge that you can run using the Patriot Power Generator.

You can use it to power lights, appliances & medical devices, such as a CPAP machine or oxygen machine.

Charge cell phones, laptops or tablets. Or run your TV.

Turn on security lights. Or even just a lamp to read with.

And much more! There’s really no limit. Most residential devices run just fine on the Patriot Power Generator.

Just keep in mind… if you’re without power, you may want to pick and choose which things you use your solar generator for.

After all, this isn’t a whole-house solution.

The Patriot Power Generator was designed to help keep you alive when the “worst-case scenario” occurs. When that happens, you’ll have to adopt a survival mindset, and only use essential items.

Here are some run times you can expect with the Patriot Power Generator 1800:

During a power outage, can you imagine being able to simply flip a switch and get a working wall outlet that stores its own power?

Well, that's exactly what you'll be able to do with your new solar generator.

How Many Personal Devices Can the Patriot Power Generator Power at Once?

You can think of your solar unit as a replacement for one wall outlet in your house. (Yes, you can use power strips to get more devices.)

The Patriot Power Generator has two 120V AC outlets, four USB outlets, one 12V DC cigarette lighter outlet and one 12V DC Anderson outlet.

And the best part is, you can charge it BEFORE you need it or even WHILE you use it. That way it can be ready for you any time.

Patriot Power Generator Frequently Asked Questions:

So, now you have some good information about run times your generator can provide on some common appliances. But you may still have some questions. 

Below you will see some of the most commonly asked questions we get about the Patriot Power Generator. Perhaps your question is among them? 

Q: How long will my Patriot Power Generator 1800 keep me protected?

A: You can fully drain and recharge your Patriot Power Generator 1800 over 2,500 times. That’s like having 6.8 years of daily use – about 4 times the shelf life of most generator products!

Q. Is there a guarantee for the Patriot Power Generator?

A. We believe that you should be 100% happy with your purchase or you shouldn’t pay a penny. You purchase is protected by an ironclad guarantee:

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Your Patriot Power Generator is protected by a no-questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try your generator in your home for a full year. Put it to the test! Charge it up and drain it down. Get to know your generator and what it can do for you. If it doesn't do everything we said it does or if you're unsatisfied for any reason, return it. You’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

Patriot Power Generator Customer Reviews:

Flawless Technology & Spotless Service
“Just received the last of my 1800 package and could not be happier!! Generator works flawlessly, solar works flawlessly plus all the other goodies in the package are amazing!! Would definitely recommend 4Patriots for all your generator and other survival needs!! Just spoke with Sienna at customer service to say how much I love the products! Sienna was very courteous and professional! Will be buying from 4PATRIOTS from now on!” - Bob H. 

So Happy With It... I Bought a Second One
“I was happy with the first Patriot Power Generator I purchased to have as a backup in case my electricity would go off. It can go hours before needing recharged! 
I loved this generator so much I bought another to help an elderly woman with her oxygen machine. The Patriot Power Generator is perfect for this situation!” - Frank G.

Powers My Fridge & More
“This thing is remarkable. I love it. The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is perfect. It powers up my air compressor, my cell phones… and even the ice maker I have in my vehicle. I also have it plugged into my refrigerator here at home just to see how well it keeps it cold. And I'm telling you, this thing works perfect.” - Doug F.


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  • Valerie - October 12, 2021

    I’m happy the solar generator will keep my frig and other devices going; however, my biggest concern is keeping my heat/air conditioning going!!! And, this isn’t even mentioned!!🥴

    My heat and air are GREAT concerns… PLEASE, advise & thanks!

  • Donald Sutherland - September 04, 2020

    I was read you’re entire message, you said 45°F is the magic # for food storage. To dip below that would cause spoilage,,,!!
    Not trying to be a smart ‘A’ or anything but technically would it not be better to say rising above 45°F would cause spoilage??

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