BREAKING NEWS: Trump Expects to Be Arrested Tuesday

45th U.S. President Donald Trump said he expects to be arrested regarding an alleged hush money scheme involving an adult film actress during his 2016 presidential campaign. He has denied the allegation and criticized the investigation.

Sources say Trump has not received notification from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office regarding an impending arrest. But if the grand jury hearing witnesses votes to indict Trump, an arrest could come as early as Tuesday.

And if Trump becomes the first former U.S. president to be indicted, he would be read the Miranda warning, fingerprinted, photographed, and possibly handcuffed.

From flying to New York from Florida and going through the surrender process, Trump would be accompanied by armed U.S. Secret Service agents who are required by law to protect him at all times.

Trump Calls for Supporters to Protest

What might come next will be seen and heard on every news station in America and abroad. In a post on his site "Truth Social," Trump urged his supporters to "PROTEST. TAKE OUR NATION BACK."

For many, this conjures up memories of the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. Hundreds protested the results of the 2020 presidential election, resulting in several deaths, hundreds of injuries including 138 police officers, and damages exceeding $2.7 million.

New York City police officers, as well as those in other major U.S. cities, are preparing for potential protests.

Former Vice President Mike Pence, who had a falling out with Trump following the election, said the potential arrest "reeks" of "political prosecution." Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California tweeted that an indictment would represent "an outrageous abuse of power."

And potential presidential rival and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called the district attorney a "(George) Soros-funded prosecutor" who weaponizes his office "to impose a political agenda on society at the expense of the rule of law and public safety." DeSantis added, "And I think that’s fundamentally wrong."

Police Departments Ramping Up Security 

According to sources, Trump has said he expects an arrest because Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg "hates" him.

On Saturday, Bragg emailed staff that his office will "not tolerate attempts to intimidate our office or threaten the rule of law in New York. Our law enforcement partners will ensure that any specific or credible threats against the office will be fully investigated."

New York Police Department sources said security has been discussed in connection with a possible indictment. This no doubt would involve trying to keep Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters apart.

Trump’s lawyers have said he will appear at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office if indicted in a voluntary surrender. He would then most likely have an arraignment before a judge and then be released on his own recognizance due to the felony charges being nonviolent.

Protests Already Underway

Law enforcement officials in New York are keeping an eye on potential protests developing out of a possible indictment.

The New York Young Republican Club has announced it will stage a "peaceful protest of Alvin Bragg’s heinous attack" on Trump this evening at an undisclosed location in Lower Manhattan.  

Among others protesting a possible arrest is an influencer calling for a "MAGA strike" with people withdrawing their money from banks. Others have circulated the phone number of Bragg’s office on social media, encouraging supporters to call and demand charges be dropped.

Still others have gathered outside Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to show their support for the former president. 

Could Arrest Help Trump’s Campaign?

Trump recently declared his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. It’s unclear at this point whether an indictment and arrest would hurt or help his chances to once again occupy the Oval Office.

One thing that’s relatively certain is that such an occurrence would energize his base, some of which will be gathered at his first 2024 presidential campaign rally in Waco, Texas. The rally is currently scheduled for this coming Saturday.

Trump has already visited Iowa, the state where the Republican Party’s first nominating vote will be held.

A journalist said Trump’s team is "preparing for a huge blitz politically to push back on the Manhattan district attorney."

Georgia Case Also Pending

In addition to the New York hearings, Trump’s legal team is attempting to block a special purpose grand jury report out of Fulton County, Georgia. The report accuses him of illegally interfering with the state’s election process in 2020.

Trump’s attorneys put together a 52-page court filing to quash that report and bar the use of any evidence gathered by that panel.

It’s possible Trump could face criminal charges from the report, which alleges he tried to overturn Joe Biden’s win in Georgia.

But right now the main focus is on New York and what could occur there and elsewhere if Trump is indicted. McCarthy calls it "the weakest case out there, trying to make a misdemeanor a felony." But he also added, "I don’t think people should protest this."

Stay tuned.  


  • Allen McDonald - March 23, 2023

    Everyone has an opinion, whether those opinions are voiced or not. We all have right to protected political speech.
    So far we have have a Bill of Rights, not a bill of privileges. While serving in the US Navy I was apolitical and accepted
    the command structure as a way of life and duty, this was the contract. I no longer abide by that contract as I’ve since retired from that service. In my civilian licensed professional life I accepted the state law structure as it pertained to my profession in service to the public, this was the contract and discipline. I am now retired from that structure, but I’ve developed political ideas and opinions based on a structured document, the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, that is the CONTRACT. This is the prize I keep in mind, not only for myself but for everyone.
    Patriotic people come in many shapes, sizes and ideas, deal with it through the lens of the above stated document. I’ll vote my mind as to what I think and believe in, as we all have a right to do.
    I believe 4Patriots has a RIGHT and a DUTY to say as it will, without fear of petty boycott or peeve.
    Twice retired and still observing.

  • Greg - March 21, 2023

    In your report, stating that there were “several deaths”, is in fact incorrect and proven by the videos that Tucker Carlson’s team reviewed and Tucker reported on. The “several deaths” was a lie by the Dems and Rinos. One death was a purposeful shooting of Ms Babbit by a Capitol police officer. She was not armed. Another person was killed in a tunnel by more ‘peace’ officers.
    If this site will be sharing the news, at least get the facts correct…do not rely on the woke, anti-Trump media !!!

  • Regina Sacca - March 21, 2023

    If this government can charge one of our greatest Presidents with these assumptions, our current President, his political partners and financiers should be charged with tyranny, corruption, lying under oath, abuse of power and embezzlement to name a few. “Let those who are without sin throw the first stone” said Jesus Christ Himself. He is watching!!!

  • Tracey Jaymes - March 21, 2023

    Trump is guilty of so many crimes. He LOST the election. He needs to go away. This Nationalism is dangerous and Unamerican. Makes me sad to see the increased anger and division. I’ve always had friends in both political parties. Trump’s formed a CULT.

  • Joseph Lakowski - March 21, 2023

    This is a total misuse of power that they shouldn’t be able to do but no one will try

  • Hubert Chang - March 21, 2023

    A travesty of Justice!
    If Trump was Biden it would be a non-issue!
    Let’s go Brandon!!

  • R. Vigil - March 21, 2023

    Food 4 Patriots, please stay out of the political realm as it leaves a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. You are better than this. You are a great company and I enjoy spending my money with you, but when it comes to the point where ANY company has to make a political statement no matter what it is I will refuse to spend my money on that company ever again. Let’s keep this about the food 4 Patriots, about the Patriots in the United States and about survival. Thanks for all you do and God Bless you and your loved ones. Thanks,

    Retired 1st Lt.
    US Army
    R. Vigil

  • Carole Bova-Rice - March 21, 2023

    I don’t understand at all why 4PATRIOTS is reporting this with your sales information. We get this info on the news every day so why do you feel the need to report it on your 4PATRIOTS site????
    I feel 4PATRIOTS should remain neutral on ALL POLITICAL ISSUES, and stick to what you are good at, SURVIVAL. You may feel that you are just reporting the news & not taking sides but I see it as doing just that by the mere fact that this is the only time in all my many dealings with 4PATRIOTS that I have seen this type of article. I am extremely disappointed and have lost some of the high respect I held for 4PATRIOTS.
    Carole Bova-Rice, 503 551 0596,

  • Lori Seltman - March 21, 2023

    I am so sick of the corruption in D.C. and the obvious “witch hunt” against Donald Trump! I don’t understand why those people feel so threatened by him. They are now grasping at straws trying to keep him out. I WILL BE VOTING FOR TRUMP IN THE NEXT ELECTION.

  • Kim - March 21, 2023

    Trump has been attacked nonstop for 7 years! Enough already!! His only crime is he wanted to make America Great and the Deep State can’t stand him for that alone because they are career Polictians who doesn’t want someone to come in and upset their apple cart. Also, imo the Media, Elitist and the globalist are guilty as well!

  • Robert Bowen - March 21, 2023

    I can’t understand what is wrong with the people in our country. It is time that we let the punishment fit the crime. It is clear to me that trump is corrupt and thinks he is above the law. Isn’t it about time that the people and our government finally do what is right and put trump in jail where he belongs. I don’t understand where trump gets off thinking he is better than everyone else. If you really want to do what is right you will print this. Thanks

  • Linda Lavorgna - March 21, 2023

    Only one person died on Ja 6th and actually she was murdered and her name is Ashley Babbitt! Get your facts straighr. Yes there were some who were violent but they didn’t kill anyone. Those who were violent and did damage to the capital or fought with the capital police officers should pay for their crimes. Violence is never acceptable. However, security at the capital was extremely lax thanks to Nancy Pelosi. She planned this. Ashley was killed by a capital police officer who had no reason whatsoever to shoot her. These charges by Allan Bragg are BS. Even the federal government knew they couldn’t charge him with this MISDEMEANOR and never persued the case. There was no there there. Now Bragg comes along and is trying to turn a MISDEMEANOR into a felony. Very disappointed in you guys. I will NOT buy from you again.

  • Delaine Lester - March 21, 2023

    This reminds me of Joseph in the Bible. His older brothers hated him w/o cause and tried to kill him but instead sold him into slavery in Egypt. He was purchased by Potiphar, one of Pharaohs high ranking officials. Joseph excelled in everything he did because God’s hand was on him (just like President Trump). God gave him wisdom and integrity and Potiphar trusted him and put him in charge of everything he had. Joseph was a young and handsome man. Daily, Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him, but to no avail. Finally, she ‘trumped’ up, pardon the pun, a ‘charge’ that he had tried to rape her. Potiphar threw him in prison for years, but God still had a plan for him. Eventually, Joseph was released from prison and became 2nd only in command of all Egypt. God’s plan was to save His people from starving to death during a seven-year drought; and to flourish there for 400 years and become God’s chosen people/nation through whom Jesus the Savior would come. I believe God’s plan for Donald Trump is to save America thru him and bring this nation back to a God fearing/loving country. A Christian nation that will lead the world to God thru Jesus.

  • Dee - March 21, 2023

    First of all, I’d like to say thank 4 Patriat. 2nd I’m not super knowledgeable politically. But what I do know and understand, if they go after Trump why are they not going after Pelosi and Hilary Clinton? These people were corrupt and still are corrupt. I pray to our God WHO has the highest power that he would stop this nonsense.
    From my personal experience with a Republican in office, we do so much better in this country, whenever a democrat, or a liberal are in office, we pay higher taxes, higher fuel, food prices, interest rates. Examples.

  • George Mosby - March 21, 2023

    It is so obvious what the leftists and globalists are trying to do to Donald Trump and the US. Jan 6 was only a protest. They have no idea what an insurrection is…………

  • Mary - March 21, 2023

    We need to have sot inside. That way we are protesting but staying put. Sing Gospel and pray. That way they can’t say we are messing with things. Hate does not solve anything

  • Stewart Ransom - March 21, 2023

    Finally he is going to be indicted for his crimes. This one is not the strongest. He should be worried about his election fraud in Georgia. And his rape trial coming up. He will have a swab taken for DNA. This could then be used at rape trial. Trump is toast. He should board his plane and defect to Russia so as to avoid jail time. Screw his supporters. He only cares about himself

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