7 Foods to Keep in Your Car… and 1 Major "Safety Net"

Keeping an emergency food supply in your home is something we've preached over and over again through the years.

But you probably don't spend every moment of your life inside your home. Chances are you spend some of your time driving or riding in your vehicle.

Have you given much thought to what would happen if your car broke down and you were unable to get roadside assistance in a timely fashion? 

A storm or other extreme weather event could significantly delay friends, family members, or first responders trying to help you. Some folks have been stranded in their vehicles for more than 24 hours due to violent weather. You may get very hungry before help arrives.

Today I want to suggest seven different foods and beverages you should keep in your car at all times. Obviously, they are all shelf-stable items. But I'm also going to tell you about something you can place in your car that will keep perishable foods safe. And maybe even save a life. 


Let's start with the most obvious one that none of us can live without. And that's water.

For home storage, there are better – and much less expensive – options than bottled water. But water bottles are fine for your car.

You will probably find yourself needing between 5 and 8 bottles of water per day, so decide how many bottles you want to keep in your car at all times. 

The stress of being stranded while waiting for help will be bad enough. The last thing you want to do is add dehydration to the mix. 

Food bars & trail mix

The beauty of food bars and trail mix is that they are very compact and yet can give you the protein and energy you need to deal with a challenging situation. They are ideal survival foods.

Food bars, including granola bars, come in a variety of flavors and are usually packed with protein. Some contain too much sugar, so watch out for that.

But many are very healthy and filling, and will provide you with the sustenance you need to deal with the problem at hand.

Trail mix will supply you with good carbohydrates and fats, as well as raisins or craisins for healthy antioxidants. Some trail mixes contain chocolate for a sweet pick-me-up.

Dried fruits and meats

There's nothing like taking a bite out of a freshly picked fruit, but freeze-dried fruits are a close second. Another food that takes up little space, they are great for an in-between-meal snack. 

They come in a wide variety of fruits, including apricots and figs, and contain fiber and essential vitamins.     

Dried meats such as beef jerky also hit the spot when you're hungry, and are ideal for emergency situations. They have a long shelf life, as do other dried meats like turkey, venison, and chicken jerky. 

Delicious and packed with protein, dried meats take up little space in your vehicle. When single-serving portions are individually vacuum-sealed, the ones you're not yet ready to eat won't harden due to exposure to air.  

Assorted nuts and nut butter pouches 

When you're looking for a great source of protein, fiber, and fat, it doesn't get much better than nuts. And if you acquire a variety of nuts and mix them together, you'll never get tired of the taste.

Peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios, Brazil nuts, pine nuts… there are many choices and they all taste great.

Another way to obtain some quick protein and fats from the nut family is with nut butters. They're also nice and filling.

Single-serve pouches of peanut butter and almond butter take up very little space and are much more convenient than nut butter in a jar. 

Freedom Fridge

Now for that "safety net" I mentioned. Another survival gear item you can take with you when you venture out in your car is the Freedom Fridge from 4Patriots.

It weighs only 17 pounds and it can either cool or heat your food – your choice. Which means the food it contains does not have to be shelf stable. You can run this food locker for up to 30,000 hours over its lifetime.

While it's perfect for an emergency situation, you can also take it with you for RV trips, camping, or even the grandkids' soccer games.

Nobody wants to be stranded in their car when they need their daily medicine. And that's another reason to take Freedom Fridge with you on the road. It will keep that medicine cold and safe.

If all that weren't enough, Freedom Fridge also features a USB outlet so you can use it to power up your phone, tablet, GPS unit, flashlight, or radio.

Here's how to get yours…


  • Cynthia Carrick - April 23, 2023

    Thanx for using your blog to teach! I always learn something.

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