5 Holiday Gift Ideas for People on the Go

Most people are spending a lot more time at home these days than they used to. The pandemic has made many of us leery about venturing out. Especially to restaurants, stores and other enclosed areas.

One upside to this, however, is that holiday gift buying has become somewhat easier. All you have to figure out is what your family and friends enjoy doing in their homes.

If they love to read, buy them a book. If they love watching shows and movies on their televisions, purchase an online streaming service for them. If they like to work on their garden, buy them seeds and garden tools.

The gift-giving challenge this year is selecting items for people still very much on the go. Seems like they’re always walking, jogging or hiking. Or maybe they’re still traveling like they used to. But not to worry. I’ve got some suggestions for you.

Power bank

Power banks have become extremely popular in recent years. And no wonder. Seems like we always need to power up our cellphones, tablets and other electronic devices.

This is especially true of people who are constantly on the go. Even if they already own a power charger, this is a great gift. You can never have enough of them.

It’s easy to forget to recharge a power bank at night. But if you have more than one, your odds get better.

A small power bank will fit in a purse, backpack or even a pocket. And next time their phone is about to die, they’ll remember you and your gift.

Wireless headphones

One of the advantages to walking, running and traveling is that they don’t require a great deal of mental energy.

So it’s the perfect time to listen to your favorite music, talk shows, podcasts or just about anything else you want to hear.

A perfect gift for this person is a quality set of wireless headphones. They can even use this gift during a vigorous workout at the gym.

And when they do have to stop moving and zoom in for a conference call, they can use the headphones for that as well.

First-aid kit

We all know someone who prefers practical gifts over a colorful trinket they’ll never use.  

For that on-the-go person, a first-aid kit might be the perfect gift. After all, the more a person is on the move, the more likely they are to experience a minor injury.

As long as the kit is easy to carry and contains the basics, they’ll appreciate knowing they can easily deal with a physical setback.

Among the contents should be bandages and wraps, medicine for pain and allergic reactions, and sting and blister relief.

Collapsible water bottle

When people are on the move a lot, they need to stay hydrated. That’s true whether they’re walking, running or merely sitting in a train or plane.

But they don’t want to lug a big water bottle around with them. Those bottles take up too much room.

A collapsible water bottle, on the other hand, can be reduced to the size of a pancake when it’s empty.

That way it will easily fit into a backpack or other carryon luggage. It’s also great for a workout at the gym.

Hands-free cleaning

Folks who are constantly on the go don’t always have the most tidy houses or apartments. They just don’t have a lot of time to do much cleaning.

An ideal gift for someone like that might be a gift certificate for an in-home cleaning service.

This type of present will free them up from the cleaning they probably don’t enjoy doing.

And the bonus for them is that now they’ll have the time to plan yet another activity. Which we know they will enjoy very much.

Patriot Power Blender

I did not mention this gift idea above. But it certainly fits with jump-starting your day no matter where you’re going.

And it’s also a way to get moving on whatever health-related resolutions you’re going to make for 2021.

I’m talking about the cordless Patriot Power Blender that crushes ice and makes delicious smoothies in seven seconds.

This personal, portable blender gives you the benefit of drinking your healthy fruits and vegetables while eliminating the mess that comes from other blenders.

Best of all, you’re not tied down to your kitchen counter. You can use it wherever you are. Whether you’re on the go, or if you’re already there.

The Patriot Power Blender can blend up to a dozen smoothies on a single charge. It’s strong enough to blend ice, yet weighs only a pound.

It has a built-in 4000 mAh-capacity battery that you can recharge via any USB. Whether you’re home, at the office, at the gym or even in your car.

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