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We’ve all seen firsthand or heard about the plight of many U.S. veterans. After serving their country faithfully, sometimes for multiple tours of duty, they return to an empty life.

Many of the people they knew in high school or college are now settled into their adult lives now and don’t have time for them.

Many can’t find jobs because they don’t have the necessary skills. And worse yet, some turn to other methods to cope with the struggle.

This should not be happening. Men and women who put their lives on the line to serve our country should be respected and given the assistance they need to get reacclimated.   

Operation Stand Down history

That’s the main reason Operation Stand Down was established. The organization focuses on helping veterans and their families by engaging, equipping and empowering them.

Operation Stand Down offers a wide range of services. They include employment assistance, VA benefits assistance, networking, housing and much more.

In 1993, Operation Stand Down Nashville (OSDN) began as a coalition of volunteers and organizations. They came together to provide outreach, social services and information to Nashville’s chronically homeless veteran population.

Every year for 11 years, OSDN hosted a three-day “Stand Down.” For the purpose of providing services to Middle Tennessee veterans.

Transitional Housing Program launches

In 1999, the OSDN Board of Directors elected to expand services by becoming a fulltime agency.

A Veteran Service Center was opened. Four homes were purchased to begin a Transitional Housing Program. It would serve 30 veterans – 27 men and three women.

The next year, OSDN was selected as a United Way of Metropolitan Nashville partner agency in an effort to empower the community.

In 2004 and 2005, OSDN expanded housing services with the purchase of three more homes. They added four beds for women and eight for men.

More expansion

About 10 years later, OSDN purchased a 26,500-square-foot strip mall on over two acres, changing its name to Operation Stand Down Tennessee (OSDTN). The next year, OSDTN opened its Clarksville Service Center.

OSDTN leadership consists of Chief Executive Officer John Krenson and Chief Operating Officer Eden Murrie.

Krenson served for 30 years in the Tennessee Army National Guard. He completed his career as a colonel and brigade commander.

Murrie is a former director at the Partnership for Public Service, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit dedicated to strengthening the civil services and systems that support it. 

4P connects with OSDTN

4Patriots has enjoyed a relationship with our neighbor here in Nashville for quite some time now.

Our employees have done volunteer work for Operation Stand Down and we’ve made a number of product donations to them through the years.

Last year we held a dinner at their Nashville facility, also donating money and supplies to this worthy cause. We were able to truly "break bread" with our veteran brothers and sisters, hear their stories, and enjoy a delicious, hearty meal:

As you know, Veterans Day is rapidly approaching. Our special Veterans Day sale is closely connected to Operation Stand Down. More on that in a moment.

Sale Limited to 500 1-Year Kits

The sale involves 500 of our one-year Survival Food Kits good for 25 years. And once they sell out, that’s it.

What makes this sale unique are the bonuses that will go to everyone who purchases the one-year kit.

These bonuses include extra food kits. Such as the Fruit, Veggie & Snack Kit and the Meat & Protein Deluxe Kit. As well as the Country Griddle Breakfast Kit and the Emergency Food Bar Kit.

But the bonus I think you will be especially thrilled with is our brand new Heroes Heritage Collectible Flag.

Marine-made collectible you’ll want to proudly display

The Heroes Heritage Collectible Flag is a veteran-made collectible that embodies the spirit and grit of our great nation.

Each wooden flag was painstakingly created by a proud group of Marines using a centuries-old woodworking method.

First, the wood is carefully selected from American grown sugar maple, cherry and pine. Next, the wood is slow-charred and hand-rubbed to bring out the natural color of the wood grain.

Each piece is then hand-stained in red, white and blue. Each star is meticulously hand-carved with precision. Finally, the craftsmen raise the grain so the texture of the wood becomes multi-dimensional.

The colors fall into place on the wood as it rises up through the char. The result is a stunning collectible you’ll be proud to display for many years to come. It’s normally valued at $499, but this is your chance to acquire it as a FREE bonus.

3,000 food bars to veterans

As you probably know, we donate a portion of the proceeds from our holiday sales to a charitable organization.

This year, once our sale is complete, the plan is to donate 3,000 food bars to veterans in need through Operation Stand Down.

Veterans being helped by Operation Stand Down have a variety of needs. Food is a basic need, and one we are honored to have a part in providing through this fine organization.

We believe it’s the least we can do to help the brave men and women who keep our country safe from our enemies. We know you want to get involved as well, and this is a great chance to join in.

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