4Patriots Donates Products to Organization Helping Vets With Financial Struggles

Serving your country in the military can be a very harrowing experience. Away from family and friends. Facing daily dangers. Knowing at any moment you could experience a life-threatening injury… or worse.

The demands upon our servicemen and women can be crushing. Physically and emotionally.

To make matters worse, many of these brave heroes struggle when they return to civilian life. Their problems take many forms. But often the most immediate one is financial.

Finding an affordable place to live and a decent-paying job can be overwhelming for anyone. And especially for those who've been away from the American mainstream for several years or more.

Organization Formed in 2009

And that's where the Xtreme Couture G.I. Foundation (XCGIF) comes in. The non-profit was formed by Randy Couture in 2009.

Its purpose is to raise money and awareness to this cause. They wish to assist our nation's combat veterans and their families suffering with financial burdens as they return to civilian life.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the organization consists of a volunteer staff. XCGIF works directly with companies sharing the goals of helping our nation's military families.

In 2021 the organization held a fundraiser to provide for their activities. And raise awareness of the needs.

4Patriots donated a number of products. Including a HaloXT Tactical Flashlight and a Patriot Power Cell. As well as a 72-Hour Survival Food Kit and a Patriot Pure Personal Water Filter.

Stay with me here because at the end I'm going to let you know how you can encourage our veterans.

UFC Champion Provides Troop Morale

Randy is an actor and UFC champion. He's also a former collegiate and Greco-Roman wrestler. He served in the U.S. Army 101st Airborne from 1982 to 1988.

Next he was an assistant wrestling and strength conditioning coach at Oregon State University. He also claimed victory in the heavyweight division of his first UFC appearance.

He's the only UFC competitor to hold titles in both the heavyweight and light-heavyweight divisions. He was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2006.

Randy runs his own gym (Xtreme Couture MMA) and clothing line (Xtreme Couture MMA Clothing). He has also been a UFC and Professional Fighters League commentator.

Randy visits military bases and hospitals to provide troop morale. He sits on the board of the nonprofit Merging Vets & Players. It creates an environment for veterans and former athletes to be as productive off the field as they were on it.

Civilian Life Transition Is Challenging

What was Randy's motivation for establishing XCGIF? Let's hear about it in his own words. "I had the opportunity to go to Iraq in 2006 for 12 days and visit 6 FOBs (Forward Operating Bases)," he said.

"Being in a war zone touched me. I had taken that same oath and done the same training many of those soldiers I met there had. But I never had to put it on the line.

"In '07, I went to Washington, D.C. and helped put on a barbeque at the Fisher House and walk the wards. Meeting soldiers and families fresh off that same battlefield was a stark experience.

"I heard many horror stories from troops and their families about the financial and psychological struggles. Their transition out of service and back to civilian life galvanized my thoughts.

"I wanted to find a way to give back. And take some of that pressure off those who had already sacrificed so much. XCGIF was founded out of those experiences."

Double-Amputee Teaches Resilience

Among the ways XCGIF provides relief is through foreclosure mortgage payments. Plus utility bills, vehicle payments and home repair.

Others are through medical bills from military injury. As well as mental health support, a physical wellness program and peer support. And special equipment needs and transition/meditation services.

Several events in 2021 helped raise funds for the organization. Including the 5K Virtual Ruck, Run, Walk in November. Plus the MC Ride for Our Troops in September. And the Motorcycle Poker Run in May and the 11th annual Christmas Eve Run.

A speaker at two of XCGIF's past events was Mary Dague. She's had to battle incredible adversity. From childhood trauma to losing both arms in Iraq to surviving breast cancer.

Mary is a former Navy Explosive Ordinance technician and Purple Heart recipient. She has dedicated 10 years to helping combat wounded veterans deal with depression and suicidal thoughts. She also tours the nation as a motivational speaker.

Donations Always Welcome

"We do our best to provide financial assistance to those struggling to get back on their own two feet," Randy said. "We've opened up opportunities for personal counseling for vets. Many need professional help developing new coping skills.

"We have added financial assistance opportunities for any vet through our website. We're also providing new connections to the veteran communities in seven cities with Vets and Players.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to XCGIF can visit the organization's website (www.XCGIF.org) and click on "Donate." 100% of donations help soldiers and their families with financial burdens.

Sending a message of gratitude is another way to get involved. Or volunteering at fundraisers to help support military families during a difficult transition.

"Our vision is to be the provider of choice for military and veteran families when they have critical short-term and long-term needs. We couldn't do this without you."

As promised, here's something you can easily do to say thanks to a U.S. veteran.

Please take a few minutes to write a letter of gratitude to veterans who visit war memorials and other sites through the Honor Flight Network and send it to us.

Click here to submit your note to them. We will print it out for you and hand out these letters to those veterans. They will be a huge source of encouragement to those who risked their lives for our freedom.

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  • Sharon - March 08, 2022

    I am so thankful to all of our vets and their families. They sacrifice so much for our country and for freedom. May God richly bless you and your family. Thank you, for your service

  • Lloyd Tidwell - March 08, 2022

    Hey, I am a Combat Veteran with an Air Medal for flying combat sorties in the Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Albania. I also have the Aerial Achievement Medal for many combat support sorties throughout the Persian Gulf, and countless number of hostile fire sorties in Central America and throughout most of the Amazon region of South America in the War on Drugs, and was activated and deployed immediately after 911 as a TALCE commander and then later as commander of the 317 Expeditionary Airlift Control Squadron in support of the initial phase of the War in Afghanistan. Am I on your list, or do old retired Old Farts like me no longer matter? IF not, that’s OK as I really don’t want to be on your list, because for me it was a privilege to serve my country and protect freedom for a total of 38 years of Active , Reserve, Air Guard, and inactive Reserves, and enjoy seeing my grandkids enjoy the freedom we have here in America. That is thank you enough for me!

  • Royce - March 08, 2022

    As a disabled veteran I know the sacrifices our military men and women make to serve our country. After 22 years serving I was sent home. I can honestly say I am so glad for the individuals who chose to serve when I could not. Your country will probably never know your sacrifices for them. But I know and I send my love and prayers for your safety. Be diligent in your duties, safe in your actions, and always remember your a patriot of America. As we say in the Navy “fair winds and following sea”. May God’s love and mercy go with you. Royce

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