Solar Go-Fridge 3-in-1 Portable Fridge With Battery & Solar Panel

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3-in-1 Solar Cooler Never Needs Ice. The Solar Go-Fridge® is a solar-powered fridge, freezer & deep freezer. Take it with you on road trips, RV adventures & camping. Or use it as a backup fridge in a blackout. Never needs ice, ever!

  • [3 in 1] Fridge, freezer deep freezer
  • Never needs ice, ever!
  • Advanced thermoelectric technology  
  • FREE solar panel included
  • Spacious 42-quart capacity
  • Hits sub-zero temps down to -8° F
  • Backup battery sold separately 
  • FREE Shipping & handling (USA 48)
  • [UNLOCKED] 11 FREE gifts on this Special Offer Page >>

Pre-owned units are fully inspected & in proper working condition. Some units have minor blemishes; original packaging may not be included. Excluded from promotions. Final sale.

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4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge

Get a FREE Solar Panel + Rechargeable Battery With Your Portable, Emergency Fridge

When we first released these "fridges on wheels," we expected a good response.

So we set aside 2,000 units as a special introductory batch.

But the response we got was jaw-dropping.

We blew through 1,577 units in the first 30 days!

We should’ve known it was coming. While other companies make you buy their solar panel separately… our customers got their solar panel for FREE. And since ours also came with an included solar-rechargeable battery, it was a no-brainer for most people.

So, it was at that moment we knew… we had to get more. So everyone could have the same advanced 3-in-1 cooling, freezing and deep-freezing technology.

And now? The Solar Go-Fridge is back in stock.

Folks rave over the advanced technology that keeps your goods ice-cold… without ice! Which means your food won’t get soggy & spoiled by melted ice. Even Chip Wade at FOX Weather is impressed with the technology of our Solar Go-Fridge…

No More Soggy Stuff With Ice

"These are hard to make as you can imagine. It’s a lot of stuff in a small package but they’ve done it really well. Not only is it great for poolside or dockside, but when you’ve got severe weather that comes through, you lose power for a couple days, put it in your RV and take it with you…keep one around the house. It’s a great backup... on the go!"

Chip Wade


August 2023

* FOX Weather is not affiliated with 4Patriots: no endorsement is claimed.

This cooling 3-in-1 marvel acts as a fridge, freezer & sub-zero chest all in 1. So you can stash cold drinks & snacks for a ball game. And keep ice cream & popsicles frozen at your campsite. Or protect your expensive groceries from spoiling if you live a long way from a grocery store.

And forget the cords like a regular fridge. Your Solar Go-Fridge is SOLAR powered. Turn blazing-hot sunlight into ice-cold protection with ease.

It's compact enough to fit in small trunks. But spacious enough for your family's favorite meals. Not to mention it is whisper quiet. And with a dead-simple control panel, anyone can use this powerful technology.

Don’t forget: your Solar Go-Fridge comes with a FREE solar panel & solar-rechargeable battery. While other companies charge you extra… you get everything you need to run your Solar Go-Fridge on day one.

4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge being filled with food. No ice needed.
PocketSun Solar Panel folded up next to chopped wood

You’ll love having your Solar Go-Fridge for...

  • Family Picnics
  • Camping
  • RV Adventures
  • Blackouts
  • Fishing & Hunting Trips
  • Tailgates
  • Travel
  • And more!

And now that it's finally back in stock… you can take advantage of its NEW, low price! Click “Add to Cart” to start your order now.

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I’m Done With Early Morning Ice Trips!

"You don't have to stop and get ice anymore. That was one thing I hated to do early in the morning when we had to leave to go out of town to play in a baseball tournament. We had to leave at 5 or 6 or sometimes 4:30 in the morning and had to stop to get ice for our cooler. So this is nice because you just have to set it on refrigerator mode & you get your cold drinks or whatever you put in your cooler.

People are already taking pictures with it, trying to find out more information so they could get their own."

Lisa W.

Colorado Springs, Colo.

May 2022

* Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information, see footnote 1.

This is NO Ordinary Cooler

Here’s what you’ll love about your Solar Go-Fridge…

Powerful 3-In-1 Cooling

You get 3 cooling technologies in 1!

  • Fridge: For fruits, veggies & cold drinks
  • Freezer: For ice cream, popsicles & ice packs
  • Sub-Zero: For frozen meats & emergency supplies

Advanced Thermoelectric Technology

The same type of technology that powered astronauts to the moon. And thanks to it — you can keep your food and drinks in temperatures as cold as -8° F. And leave the sopping-wet bags of ice at the corner store. 

Charge For FREE Using The Sun

No outlets needed. Your Solar Go-Fridge can recharge fully using only sunlight. So you have a backup fridge that works during blackouts. Or an easy way to keep drinks cold while camping or tailgating.

4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge compared to traditional non-electric coolers

Charge Your Critical Devices

Your Solar Go-Fridge also works as a power bank for your critical devices. Charge up your phone, tablet or other devices without hassle.

Kale - Lacinato
4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge charging a cell phone outside
4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge sitting in a trunk

Small Footprint — Spacious Capacity 

Compact to fit in smaller trunks. But spacious enough to carry your essentials. And with no ice, you can use all 42 quarts of space on your key goods.

Lettuce, Butterhead - Buttercrunch

“Fast Charge” 

No sun? No problem. You can “fast-charge" your Solar Go-Fridge battery with the included AC cord. 

Want an extra battery so one is always fully charged? Click here.

Kale - Lacinato
4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge plugged into an outlet inside a home
4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge being filled with drinks

Designed For Easy Use

A bright LED light lets you see the important cargo inside your Go-Fridge… critical in a blackout.

And with durable wheels & a retractable handle, you can roll your cooler where you need it with ease.

Lettuce, Butterhead - Buttercrunch

Dead-Simple to Use

And your Solar Go-Fridge is dead-simple to use. The easy-read buttons on the front let you adjust your temperature to fit your needs.

Hand turning the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge on
Hand inserting 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge battery into the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge
Man wheeling the 4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge

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4Patriots Solar Go-Fridge
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Customer Reviews: Folks Love The Solar Go-Fridge

You Can’t Beat This Solar Go-Fridge

"You cannot beat it. It is awesome. No running around, looking for drinks. No more opening up your drink and setting it on the tractor and coming back 20 minutes later and it's warm. Everything's cold. Everything's cold all the time. Just a wonderful, wonderful unit. 

I am a Type 1 diabetic. It's been keeping my insulin cold to the point where I don't worry about my insulin. I know it's good."

Randy M.

Erie, Pa.

May 2022

An Absolute Game Changer for My Family

"We rode around all last summer with a massive cooler and it was awesome but at the same time it was so annoying having to get ice every other day and deal with the melting mess constantly. We love how this Solar Go-Fridge allows us to really dial in an exact temp. Plus it’s mobile. It’s been such a game changer for our summer van-life."

Erica B.

Van Life Enthusiast

July 2023

I’m Blown Away

"To be completely honest over the past two weeks I have been beating this fridge up non stop to test its reliability and I’m blown away."

Trey F.


July 2023

* Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information, see footnote 1.

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