Slimline Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

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Instant relaxation or your money back! The Slimline Zero-Gravity Massage Chair is no ordinary recliner. Hidden inside the slim frame is our unique BodyTracing Technology. No one will know you have a massage chair… until you turn it on.

And with a Zero-Gravity design, you can relieve pressure on your joints & nerves with ease. Lie back and let the chair melt away stress, fatigue & more. The powerful dual-track kneading rollers massage from your neck all the way down your back while a soothing vibration cradles your glutes and legs.

And don't worry. This chair isn't an eyesore like some other bulky chairs on the market. The stylish design fits in any living room.

And if you don't love it? We'll buy it back! You're protected by a 365-day money-back guarantee. That makes this purchase risk-FREE for you. Claim your new favorite chair now.


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Slimline Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Do you know the "secret health boost" that most people overlook? 

It's a massage.

Most folks think of a massage as a "nice to have." But the few people who take their health seriously? They know a good massage can improve heart health, movement, muscle strength & more.

And now, there's a way to reap the benefits without ever leaving your living room.

Enter: the NEW Deluxe Slimline Zero-Gravity Massage Chair. It's a premium massage machine you can keep in your own home. There's no other dual-action, slimline chair like it on the market. We checked!

It's the only slimline massage chair with deep-kneading rollers. Lie back and let the advanced BodyTracing technology work out aches & pains in your back, neck & more.

It uses 4 kneading rollers to match the curves of your spine. And mimic the circular motion of a deep-tissue masseuse. Settle in as these rollers work through tough knots & nagging kinks in your back. Enjoy a soothing vibration in the seat and legs.

But that's not all. The Slimline Zero-Gravity Massage Chair mimics the "Zero-G" posture invented by NASA. Turn it on to decompress your spine & heal the damage caused by gravity.

This chair is designed for you. It has 10 custom modes, so you won't get stuck with default massages that don't work for you. Pick between 3 intensity levels, 2 vibration areas and 3 kneading areas (choose your high or low setting).

And if you don't love it? Send it back to us. You're covered by a risk-FREE guarantee. Try it out for 365 days, and if it's not your favorite recliner, we'll buy it back from you. No questions asked.

Don’t miss out — claim your Slimline Zero-Gravity Massage Chair now.


4 kneading rollers massage the curves of your spine. So you get the same power of a deep-tissue massage in your living room. Gentle vibrations cradle and soothe your glutes and legs. This dual-action massage loosens your muscles from head to toe.


This deluxe massage chair mimics the "Zero-G" posture used by NASA. Because gravity takes a toll on your body — especially your spine. Enter the "no-stress zone" with your chair's 120° bend.


Ready to fit nearly any body size. And with adjustable vibration, kneading & intensity, you control your massage.


Designed to fit in any room. Perfect for the office, living room… or even the bedroom. Premium vegan leather makes this a sleek & stylish choice!


Feeling tense? Release it! Massages are perfect for relieving stress & anxiety. Slip into your massage chair and let today's worries melt away. Or, use it before bed for a great night's sleep.


Don't stress the set up. Your Deluxe Massage Chair comes with all the tools you need to put it together. Use the easy-to-read instructions or watch the assembly video in the FAQs to put your chair together with ease.

Here's How It Works

Using your Slimline Zero-Gravity Massage Chair is as easy as taking a nap… 

  1. Lean back
  2. Lock in place
  3. Press "Start"

Mindy shows you how it’s done…

And People Will Rave About Their Deluxe Massage Chair…

Over the last 8 years, 601,454 customers have trusted Patriot Health Alliance health products.2

And according to our numbers, 97% are satisfied customers. Folks are happy — and the numbers show it!

Our NEW Slimline Zero-Gravity Massage Chair will be no different. Just ask our employees, who got a very exclusive sneak peek…

Slimline Zero Gravity Massage Chair Information:

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