Patriot Power Cell 1 Pack® - Allie Test

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Our best-selling 4Patriots Patriot Power Cell is a breakthrough backup power device that charges in the sun and fits in your pocket. Its "ruggedized" build can withstand drops, splashes and spills. So power up, plug in your device... and be on your way!

    • Uses rechargeable, lithium ion battery
    • Dimensions: 5.4" L x 2.9" W
    • Weighs less than 7 ounces
    • Capacity: 8,000 mAh
    • Built-in, 5-inch deluxe crystalline silicon solar panel
    • Compatible with any USB-compatible device
    • Equipped with two (2) USB charging docks
    • 2-LED flashlight with S.O.S. flasher option
    • Passes TSA regulations for carry-on lithium batteries
    • Convenient carrying clip
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