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Patriot First Aid 129

14 reviews

Patriot First Aid 129

14 reviews

[FINAL OFFER] Get 42% Off These 129-Piece Kits Filled with First Aid Essentials (limited stock). We’re clearing out our warehouse… So this is your last chance to grab some 4Patriots First Aid 129 Kits. Don’t wait… once these sell out, they’re gone forever!

Get 42% off each 4Patriots First Aid Kit you order. For a limited time, when you buy 2 or more First Aid Kits, you'll get FREE shipping too. But this offer won't be available long. Take advantage & claim your 4Patriots First Aid 129 Kits now.

    • [ONLINE ONLY! Save 42% Off Your First Aid Kits
    • FREE Shipping when you order 2 or more (USA 48)
    • 129-Piece Premium First Aid Kit
    • Latex-Free Bandages
    • Light and Compact
    • See-Through Compartments for Easy Organization
    • “Stashable” Compact Size
    • Makes a Great Gift
    • Ships from Utah, USA

    First Aid Essentials for Any Emergency

    [Limited Time] This Family “Must Have” Now 42% Off

    Treat Minor Injuries On-the-Go

    A well-stocked first aid kit is an absolute must-have to be prepared for emergencies. And during this limited-time flash sale, you can get multiple Patriot First Aid 129 Kits for 42% OFF. That’s 42% off emergency protection for your entire family...

    Our Patriot First Aid 129 Kit gives you the right supplies you need to help you handle an emergency at a moment's notice… from minor cuts and scrapes to sprains and stings.

    And, And now when you stock up and buy 2 or more… you get FREE shipping.

    Small and compact… perfect for your home, car, or bug out bag

    129 pieces quality first-aid essentials in one convenient camp bag

    Packed with First-Aid Survival Essentials

    Your Patriot First Aid Kit is jam-packed with 129 essentials to help you weather just about any minor injury. Here’s some of what’s included...

      • Durable zip-top carry case
      • First aid & CPR guide
      • Stainless steel tweezers
      • Scissors
      • Marine whistle
      • Bandana
      • Paracord
      • Razor blade
      • Antiseptic towelettes
      • Bandages
      • Instant cold pack
      • And so much more!

    Don’t wait on this deal! It won’t be around for long. Grab your Patriot First Aid 129 Kits now & get FREE shipping & 42% OFF.

    YES! I Want These First Aid Kits
    Before They’re Gone for Good!

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    Nurse Says Every Home Should Have These Kits!

    "Every home or vehicle needs a well supplied First Aid Kit. This is a well supplied kit. Worth every dime. I am an RN and this is a good First Aid Kit. Recommended for every family."

    Bonnie M., Registered Nurse
    Hydro, Okla.
    July 2020

    These Kits Are a Godsend... I Always Keep Them Close By

    "Everyone needs to be ready for anything because you just never know what can happen! I’ve always kept first aid close by and once my 2 grown daughters were cooking when we had lots of family together. An old stove we were cooking on had a burner explode and burned their faces. I had burn medicine in the fridge and grabbed it. They used it on their burns and were almost immediately out of pain. They had no scars when they recovered and I know the emergency burn meds were a godsend for them. I always keep emergency first aid things close by hoping to never have to use any of it. Good to have when something does happen though!!!

    Even if you’re alone, you need the security of knowing you can handle any emergency situation that could arise!!!"

    Judy O.
    Santa Teresa, N.M.
    July 2020

    Buy These Kits and Have Priceless Peace of Mind

    "I have done a lot of different jobs in my life. One of them was being a volunteer for the U.S. Forestry. They would take us way out into the wilderness and drop us off to clear trail and clean primitive areas and campsites. Now, if I was to get injured, what would I do? This Patriot First Aid 129 Kit is the answer! And now hurricane season is here. Buy this product and have peace of mind! You could save someone's life. Or administer first aid until help comes. PRICELESS!!!!!"

    Janet B.
    Astor, Fla.
    July 2020

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long is this deal available?

    A: This limited-time offer will only last as long as we have inventory. With the new discount, we expect these First Aid Kits to fly off the shelves. So if you want to secure your 4Patriots First Aid 129 Kits, add them to your cart now.

    Q: What comes in the Patriot First Aid 129 Kit?

    A: Your Patriot First Aid Kit comes in a durable canvas, zip-top, camp bag that includes…

      • 15 Adhesive Bandage Small, 3/8 in x 1 1/2 in
      • 40 Adhesive Bandage, 3/4 in x 3 in
      • 8 Knuckle Bandage, 1 1/2 in x 3 in
      • 5 Wound Closure Strip, 1 3/4 in x 3/8 in
      • 4 Gauze Pads, 2 in x 2 in
      • 4 Gauze Pads, 3 in x 3 in
      • 2 Gauze Pads, 4 in x 4 in
      • 2 Adhesive Tape, 1/2 in x 90 in (2 1/2 yd)
      • 6 Sting Relief Pad, 2 1/4 in x 1 1/4 in
      • 12 Antiseptic Towelette, 5 in x 6 3/4 in
      • 1 Stainless Steel Tweezers
      • 1 First Aid & CPR Guide
      • 1 Elastic Bandage, 3 in x 60 in (5 yd)
      • 12 Alcohol Prep Pads, 2 1/2 in x 1 1/4 in
      • 1 Instant Cold Pack, 6 in x 9 in
      • 2 Zip Top Bag, 4 in x 6 in
      • 2 Sterile Non-Adherent, 2 in x 3 in
      • 2 Sterile Non-Adherent Pad, 3 in x 4 in
      • 1 AB Combine Dressing, 5 in x 9 in
      • 1 Scissors with Blue Handle
      • 1 Zip Top Bag, 5 in x 8 in
      • 1 Sterile Conforming Gauze Roll, 3 in x 148 in (4 yd 4 in)
      • 1 Marine Whistle
      • 1 Razor Blade
      • 1 Paracord, 10ft
      • 1 Bandana
      • 1 Triangle Bandage, 37 in x 37 in x 52 in

    Q: What size is the Patriot First Aid Kit carrying bag?

    A: The durable bag measures 6”x9” and weighs 1.5 pounds. It’s the perfect size to fit into your glove box, store in a drawer at home, or slip into your bug out bag.

    Q: Are the bandages latex-free?

    A: Yes! The bandages in the Patriot First Aid 129 Kit are latex-free.

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