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Never Buy Single-Use AA Batteries Again!

When we introduced our [NEW] USB Rechargeable Batteries to previous customers... we expected y'all to stock up.

But the response was SO unreal. Customers couldn’t get enough!

And just like that… the USB Rechargeable Batteries became a best seller. And we blew through our inventory!

Gone... and we've been out of stock ever since.

Obviously we were thrilled (and so were our customers).

At least… the ones who claimed their USB Rechargeable Batteries in time.

But our inventory manager was frowning.

“What about all the other people that need USB Rechargeable Batteries? We’ll be out of stock for months! What happens if they get another bad storm? Or a power outage? People won’t be able to get more USB Rechargeable Batteries. If a crisis hits… what will they do?”

Oh no. She was right. There was no time to lose.

We had to find a way to get more of these multi-use batteries into the hands of more Americans. And fast!

Meaning that it could take weeks or even months to build up enough "safety stock" to handle another spike. Be it from another sale, a natural disaster like a hurricane or wildfire, a political election, or other newsworthy events.

But all the extra effort was worth it, because we’re finally able to say…

With our USB-Rechargeable AA Battery Kits, you can:

  • Recharge your batteries almost endlessly, from anywhere
  • Spend less money on batteries over time (a lot less!)
  • Don’t get stuck without power in a crisis

And since our USB-Rechargeable AA Battery Kits are unlike old-fashioned, single-use batteries that typically dry up after just one use…

You’ll Have All the AA Battery Power You Need – Up to 500x!

Comes in a tidy plastic clamshell to keep batteries protected and organized

Included USB charging port makes recharging your batteries ultra-convenient

But look…

When word gets these are back in stock — there’ll be a mad rush on this deal.

And they could sell out again, just like they did before.

So here's what you can do. Sign up via text for "Early Bird Access" to this long-awaited restock event.

We'll give you the thumbs up when these USB Rechargeable Batteries beauties hit our stockroom shelves. And you'll have 30 minutes before their sale opens to the general public.

What are you waiting for? Type in your number below to get early access to the sale, before we sell out again!

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