Can Your Patriot Power Generator Power a Fridge? (And other FAQs)

The Patriot Power Generator is by far one of our most popular survival items.

Not surprising, because we regularly sell out of 'em!

As one of our most in-demand items, this solar workhorse generates a lot of buzz. And one of the things we hear the most is, “Can it power a fridge?”

Well folks, the short answer is YES.

Keeping your food and medical supplies chilled in a power outage is critical. So here’s Steven to give you all the tips and tricks to keep your fridge running — even during a blackout:

Refrigerators, freezers and similar appliances maintain a safe temperature by running on cycles. The CDC recommendation is to keep temperature below 40°F. 

If the doors stay closed, food will stay at a safe temperature for up to 4 hours in a refrigerator, 48 hours in a full freezer, and 24 hours in a half-full freezer. Usage conditions will impact this estimate (interior temp, exterior temp, appliance age & features, fridge contents, etc.). 

How to Use Your Patriot Power Generator to Power a Fridge:

Tip 1: Connect your solar generator to the FREE solar panel that comes included with your purchase. You can set up your solar panel outside while using your solar generator inside.

It’s super easy:

  • Just unfold your solar panels… These are really light.
  • Plug one end of the cord into your solar panel.
  • Plug the other end into the Patriot Power Generator. (Don’t worry, all this comes included, so you don’t need any special parts.)
  • Then you flip the switch to turn on your generator.
  • And simply plug in your fridge.

Now – this is important. Listen for your fridge to turn on.

That’s your fridge keeping your food safe for you! That’s the compressor running. It’s cooling the air.

Ok… so after letting your fridge run for a bit, you’ll hear your compressor turn off.

When that happens, I want you to unplug your generator.

That’s because lights and fan in your fridge don’t keep your food cold. So if your compressor isn’t running, your food isn’t getting colder and you don’t need the electricity. Save it for next time or use it to power something else.

Or… what I like to do… Is to use that downtime to put the power BACK in your generator.

Just keep the panels in the sun, and plugged in to your unit. That way you have even more power available to you, to keep your perishable food safe.

[INSIDER TIP] You can “daisy chain” multiple solar panels together for super-fast charging time or for getting the most out of a cloudy day. You can also plug our NEW Expansion Pack into your Patriot Power Generator 2000X... and boom. Nearly double the power of your solar generator instantly.

How to Conserve Power in Your Refrigerator During an Outage:

Most people think you need to run your fridge continuously to keep food safe in a power outage. 

Truth is, if you do that… you’ll be throwing precious power out the window at a time when your family needs every drop it can get.

1. Your fridge cycles on and off. Most situations don’t require continuous power to keep food cold. Listen for your fridge's compressor to start. This signals it's cooling your food. After some time, the compressor will turn off. This is your cue to unplug the generator. 

2. Conserve power during an outage. If you have the luxury of preparing before a blackout, fill your fridge with water bottles or water-filled Tupperware containers. A full fridge helps maintain temperature, reducing the need for frequent cooling cycles. And for Pete’s sake, try to keep the door closed.

3. Location matters: Keep your fridge in a cooler area like a basement or a kitchen. A naturally cooler environment means less work for the compressor, conserving energy.

4. Recharge during downtime. When your fridge isn’t running a compressor cycle, use that time to recharge your generator with the solar panel. Keep the solar panels in direct sun and connected to the generator.

[INSIDER TIP] Boost your charging speed by 'daisy chaining' multiple solar panels. It’s  especially helpful on cloudy days. We start you off with one FREE solar panel!

Remember, temperature is key. 40 degrees is crucial for food safety. Falling below this can lead to unsafe food. Regular cycling with your Patriot Power Generator ensures your food stays safe this threshold, even during extended outages.

By following these tips, you can use the Patriot Power Generator to keep your fridge running and safe during blackouts.

How to Keep Your Food Safe During a Power Outage:

The CDC recommendation is to keep the temperature below 40°F for food safety.

Dip out of that zone and you’re risking food poisoning or food spoiling.

And you’d have to throw that food away – you can’t eat rotten food.

By using your Patriot Power Generator as described above, you can ensure that your food stays below this temperature, and stays safe to eat, even in an extended power outage.

What Can I Run on My Patriot Power Generator?

The 1 "request" from our customers... "I want more power!"

Mission accomplished — you now get up to 1612 Wh of stored power. The Patriot Power Generator 2000X has more battery capacity than ever before, to run your more devices longer. 

And it’s not just your fridge… you can use it to power lights, appliances & medical devices, such as a CPAP machine or oxygen machine.

Charge cell phones, laptops or tablets. Or run your TV.

Turn on security lights. Or even just a lamp to read with.

In a nutshell... if you can plug an appliance into your wall, you can plug it into your Patriot Power Generators. It may not run your old air conditioner from 1970, but it will run almost any device in your house.

What You Can Power on a Single Battery Charge

4Patriots Patriot Power Generator 1800 Run Times

Just keep in mind… if you’re without power, you may want to pick and choose which things you use your solar generator for.

After all, this isn’t a whole-house solution.

The Patriot Power Generator was designed to help keep you alive when the “worst-case scenario” occurs. When that happens, you’ll have to adopt a survival mindset, and only use essential items.

How Many Personal Devices Can the Patriot Power Generator Power at Once?

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 has two 120V AC outlets, four USB outlets, one 12V DC cigarette lighter outlet and one 12V DC Anderson outlet.

The Patriot Power Generator 2000X has four AC outlets (2 more than the previous model), two USB-C outlets, two USB-A outlets, one 12V/10A DC cigarette lighter outlet and one 12V/20A DC Anderson outlet.

And the best part is, you can charge your generator BEFORE you need it or even WHILE you use it. That way it can be ready for you any time.

Patriot Power Generator Frequently Asked Questions:

So, now you have some good information about run times your generator can provide on some common appliances. But you may still have some questions. 

Below you will see some of the most commonly asked questions we get about the Patriot Power Generator. Perhaps your question is among them? 

Q: How long will my Patriot Power Generator keep me protected?

A: You can fully drain and recharge your Patriot Power Generator over 2,500 times. That's 6.8 years of daily use. That's about 4X the life of most generator products!

Q. Is there a guarantee for the Patriot Power Generator?

A. We believe that you should be 100% happy with your purchase or you shouldn’t pay a penny. You purchase is protected by an ironclad guarantee:

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
Your Patriot Power Generator is protected by a no-questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try your generator in your home for a full year. Put it to the test! Charge it up and drain it down. Get to know your generator and what it can do for you. If it doesn't do everything we said it does or if you're unsatisfied for any reason, return it. You’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

Q. Is is easy to get started?

A. Yes! We'll even show you in the 6-minute video below. Plus, your generator comes partially charged and ready to go, so you can use it right out of the box — just click to play and see for yourself.

Patriot Power Generator Customer Reviews:

I'll Never Be Without This Lifesaving Tool
“My Patriot Power Generator arrived four days before Ian “the beast” hurricane hit my town. It was a lifesaver. After losing all power, we would have been in absolute darkness with no way to communicate to the outside world. If we needed aid or rescue, it would have been impossible with dead phone batteries. The Patriot Power Generator was everything you said it was and more. I say this with tears in my eyes: I’ll never be without at least one. Great product, people! You should be proud!" - Joe B. 

I Can Run My Fridge For Hours!
“I can run my refrigerator for hours before I have to recharge this. So for you folks that have insulin or other life saving medicine that you might have to keep refrigerated. Or if you have hundreds of dollars worth of meat in your freezer in here. This could be a lifesaver for you." - Craig W.

Best Decision I’ve Ever Made
“I decided to buy the Patriot Power Generator 2000X with the solar panel and this thing is fantastic. I keep it all charged up along with the expansion pack and I put a hanger just outside the back door for the solar panel, so during longer power outages I can run the cord into the house and charge it where it sits when in use. Not only is the generator a great product, the 4Patriots customer service folks are fantastic, easy to work with, answer all your questions and make interactions very pleasant. It's a company I will order from again in the future. Thanks 4Patriots and nice job on this product." - Donald L.

Powers My Fridge & More
“This thing is remarkable. I love it. The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is perfect. It powers up my air compressor, my cell phones... and even the ice maker I have in my vehicle. I also have it plugged into my refrigerator here at home just to see how well it keeps it cold. And I'm telling you, this thing works perfect." - Doug F.


  • Mr. James Thompson - July 01, 2024

    Realistically, what products (generators) would I need to keep my home going (1500) sq ft for say a year. We live in Florida where it is hot and the occurrence of hurricanes/no power. I am aware of what a EMP can do for and extened period of time. We have the sun, yet for water filtration, would the cities water continue to work to even use a filtration system you offer to purchase if there is no water in the city pipes? In reality all the star would half to align for everything to work. One can purchase such a complete system as yours for $5-10k (total) yet without water everyone is out of luck. We would need our A/C unit to work to survive here in the deep south of Florida, so there is that issue just the same. Some real helpful suggestions would be appreciated here in Florida with those of us whom are a limited fixed income of $2500.00 a month. We are two seniors with little family/no children that cannot provide safety for us. We can pinch pennies, yet in some scenarios it may not be enough or advantageous when it is all said and done to purchase this product. ……….Thank you.

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    i am 75 yrs old and would love to know if an old lady like me could run this??? My children do not believe we would ever have to have this but iI think you should be prepared for any situation… Sincerely Mrs Frame thank you ..

  • Joanie - February 21, 2024


    I wish you could do a side by side comparison of the Jackery products or other generators compared to yours. I am ready to purchase. Looking at keeping kitchen/freezer/microwave or toaster oven functional, but I am in AZ and my bedroom is not near kitchen, so I’m thinking that a cooler/fan needs to have it’s own (maybe sidekick) to keep me cool in 115-120 weather. I’m 74 and in cancer remission and I want to keep me fed and comfortable.

    Ideas or cmparisons?

  • Thomas W Seward - January 21, 2024

    I’m just the free solar pannel

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  • Valerie - October 12, 2021

    I’m happy the solar generator will keep my frig and other devices going; however, my biggest concern is keeping my heat/air conditioning going!!! And, this isn’t even mentioned!!🥴

    My heat and air are GREAT concerns… PLEASE, advise & thanks!

  • Donald Sutherland - September 04, 2020

    I was read you’re entire message, you said 45°F is the magic # for food storage. To dip below that would cause spoilage,,,!!
    Not trying to be a smart ‘A’ or anything but technically would it not be better to say rising above 45°F would cause spoilage??

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