Food4Patriots is a long-term survival food solution created BY patriots, FOR patriots! Food4Patriots consists of pre-packaged kits of high-quality survival food rated to last for 25 years, packed in secure, lightweight, waterproof storage totes. Available in 72-Hour, 1-Week, 4-Week, 3-Month and 1-Year kits, Food4Patriots will give you the ultimate peace of mind that your family is prepared for anything. Click the button below to place your order.

Our 1-year food kit is designed for those who are rightly concerned that a natural or man-made disaster could disrupt the food supply line for an extended period of time. This kit comes with 1,800 total servings of hearty meals, including Heartland’s Best Mashed Potatoes, Summer’s Best Corn Chowder, Uncle Frank’s Italian Lasagna and many more.
The 3-month kit contains 450 servings packed in two stackable, waterproof totes that are perfect for covert storage. It typically includes Creamy Chicken Alfredo, Broccoli & Cheese Soup, Travelers Stew, Instant White Rice, Mountain Man Granola, and much much more! Plus, you are going to get a FREE Survival Seed Vault with 5,500 heirloom, non-GMO seeds to give you an endless supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, a FREE 11-in-1 Survival Tool, and FOUR FREE printed survival guides today with your order.
Jam-packed with 140 full servings of great-tasting survival food that reminds you of homemade. Enjoy dishes like Maple Grove Oatmeal, Country Cottage Mac n Cheese, and even Chocolate Pudding!
A great start to your food stockpile, this kit features 16 servings of scrumptious home-cooked favorites like Granny’s Homestyle Potato Soup, Traveler’s Stew, and Blue Ribbon Easy Chicken Rice!
High in Protein for muscle building and sustained energy, this kit contains high-quality, lean protein to stave off hunger and keep your body fueled and ready to handle a crisis. Contains 80 total servings of chicken, beef, and beans to use with your favorite recipes.
Be sure to get your fruits and veggies! 114 total servings of highly nutritious foods like freeze-dried pineapple, blueberries, and even honey-coated banana chips!
The Food4Patriots Survival Coffee Kit includes 600 servings of the most delicious coffee you’ve ever tasted! 100% Colombian Arabica beans make up this tantalizing brew. Packed in 10 re-sealable Mylar pouches, each holding 60 servings/cups. Comes inside a labeled plastic, Sterilite tote for convenient storage.

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